Monday, February 28, 2011

Upon Reflection: Thanks Boys

The past four months have meant busy days, nights and a whirlwind season of action for our Grade 8 Boys Basketball team. The boys entered Delta Secondary School as eager young ball players from a combination of five local elementary schools. Despite many of them knowing each other or at least knowing of each other through community sports activities and mutual friends, the boys gravitated towards former classmates when they entered the gym back in November.

Fast forward to the end of February, a few days since our season came to an end and I now have the opportunity to reflect on the season that WAS, rather than the season that IS or the season that WILL BE.

Upon reflection, I'd like to thank each of the players...

For modeling what it means to be a student athlete.  You walk the hallways with confidence. You have identified yourselves as Pacer basketball players and take pride in representing yourself, your teammates and Delta Secondary with class. Your interactions and support of each other as teammates has contributed to a supportive community and to each other's sense of belonging.

For transforming from 15 individuals into one unit.  Your ability to come together throughout the course of the season is a credit to the teamwork and trust you have placed in each other.  You united around a common purpose and shared a vision for how we would play the game. You were willing to sacrifice for the good of the team and you set aside personal accolades in pursuit of team success.

For always embracing the challenge.  As coaches, we challenged you to step up every day, either in practice or in a game.  Not once did you exhibit signs of fear or doubt in your eyes.  Rather, you approached the game with courage and determination. You played the game with grit and tenacity and you always believed that we would be successful.

For demonstrating perseverance and overcoming adversity.  Each of you probably remembers turning the ball over, making an ill-advised pass or missing a shot at a crucial moment in a game.  As teammates, you supported and encouraged each other in these situations and consistently practiced and played hard.

For being resilient and bouncing back from the few tough losses we suffered during the season. You remained positive, optimistic and unwavering in your belief of the team. In moments of defeat, you held your head high and chose to remain proud of what you did achieve instead of what you didn't.

For being risk-takers.  Every practice and every game you put yourself at risk of failure.  You accepted constructive criticism and feedback in order to learn and improve.

For inspiring me to continue coaching.  The passion you brought to the game each day is contagious.  Your effort, your desire, your belief in us as coaches and your development throughout the season has made for an extremely rewarding coaching experience and motivates me to continue coaching in the future.

Thanks boys!  See you on the hardcourt!


  1. 10 years from now Aaron, they won't remember the specific games but they will remember how they felt and the special bond that comes from being surrounded by others who share a collective vision.

    They will remember your words posted here and most importantly, they will remember how they felt.

    You have connected the heart with the mind within the context of a beautiful game made even more graceful and eloquent by your understanding that those who you lead in turn inspired you with their passion.

    This is why education and working with kids is a symbiotic experience - one which brings meaning and light to those dark days of winter.

    Congratulations on more than a successful season; congratulations on helping a group of boys successfully start their journey to becoming healthy, emotionally literate, young men.

  2. Great post, Coach!
    How wonderful is it that one can teach many of life's most important lessons through a game? Coaches that value process, building character, and working towards improvement over results are true champions and the kind of role models young people need and gravitate to. Thanks for being that kind of coach!

    To the team: Congratulations on your fine season! You've made us proud and we look forward to watching you grow as athletes and young men in the years ahead. You've made a great start!